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♡ yam ♡
♡ i'm a constantly terrified wiccan yam who likes to appreciate pretty girls. so every girl. bc theyre all cute af ♡


Sometimes, when I stare deeply into the eyes of a person in a photograph,
I'll think I know them from somewhere.
It is in the locked gaze of that frozen moment in time and my own, ticking clock, that I think of all of the places in which I could've known them.
And once I've racked my memory for days, for weeks, I settle in with the unknown.
I don't know where their face is from. I don't know who they are in the slighest.
Then I think of the amount of time I thought about them, how many hours their face stole from me, every second wondering why they're so familiar. Where they're from.
A past life, perhaps? Or maybe just common features of their face; maybe they're just an average person with nothing overly distinct, no overwhelming flavors, but just enough that they left the aftertaste of themselves on me. An imprint, faint and fleeting.
Soon, that person's taste fades, too.
And though I filed that taste to the back of my mind, sometimes the taste comes back. It is not bitter, it is not sweet, it does not taste extraordinary or different, but it's simple. Easy to be reminded of. Easy to mistake for something else.
For someone else.

i was in the shower like 15 minutes ago and i thought about this picture of an old friend that i'd never met in person. and when i saw the picture i couldn't stop thinking for weeks about how i knew them from somewhere but it's been 2+ years and i still don't know. then i kinda got a bit pretentious

"what's your number?"
that was not it.
it did not ring in her hand when he called
and sound did not escape her blue lips when the air was cut off by his hands
a public place; hundreds of people
nobody stopped
nobody looked
her cheeks lost colour and her eyes rolled back
her heart
her breathing
(she was not there)
it took thirty-two seconds for someone to pull him away (one; two; three)
his hands left rings of white and blue and purple and his nails left crescents of deep red
she was not safe anymore. she never was
the world was not safe for her
or her little sister
not her neighbour or mother or aunts or her niece
but this was what being a woman was, right?
the TV never told her this; the man on TV didn't take the light away when lied to, his hands stay still 
and did not raise or move to her
his hands told lies
the men on TV did not want her flesh to use
why did he?
where was this right for his hands to act as a collar for her? 
"you're just a bitch" disobedient
a shock collar
he was a shock collar. 
the sparks did not light her heart afire when he touched her throat
nor did they warm his cool hands
they were sparks you can't touch
lightning in his fingertips
she panics at the thought ever thunderstorm
and his eyes watch her sleep

All that could be seen for miles was the light of the flames. The Skylords had been relentless; their secret had gone on too long. They were going to be burnt to crisps. They were going to die. They would be erased from history.
But that's not what fate had in mind.
They stood in the middle of a meadow; fire spread quickly around them, swallowing each and every tree in it's path of terror. Their town was in the middle of nowhere; hundreds of miles from any civilization, and even surrounded by three rivers. Two originated from a fork at the top, then the other cut through them both. Thus, the fire couldn't spread. This town wasn't supposed to exist. This town wouldn't exist for long.
They kept silent as they watched their lives burn. Screams were distant and broken by the crackling fire spreading quickly towards them. The right of the two girls, Daisy, covered her mouth with her hands; she stood a few inches shorter than her counterpart, with sandy, curly, and shoulder-length hair and round green eyes on a freckled body, naturally warm skin kissed by the sun. The sun she feared she'd never see again. Her white sundress billowed in the wind, and the aptly gifted daisy flower crown she'd once worn had been taken long before and tossed into the fire.
Her starkly different friend Luna, on her opposite side, stood completely still. She was shocked beyond belief; tears had welled up in her thin, coal-black eyes, and the light of the fire showed the bluish pigment in her wavy black hair, which spilt down her snow-skinned body like she was being drenched in darkness. Luna was the taller of the two, shaped less plump and hourglass and more like a pear. Her dress was a lovely navy blue, and the soft fabric was loose against her skin, furthering itself from her body as she collapsed to her knees beside Daisy. She wept tears that threatened to burn through her skin like acid. She tried to scream, but the sound of choking on her own impending death was too much. Luna's hands fell instinctively to the grass, gripping it as she watched the fire inch closer. She didn't dare blink; fear was taking control of her body now.
"D-Daisy," She said, without removing her gaze from the fire, and swallowed the lump in her throat. The lump of blunt razors, slicing her apart. "We're gonna die, aren't we?"
Daisy dropped to the ground too; instead of the grass, however, she dug her already filthy nails into the soil. Luna could tell she was trying to ground herself, trying to calm herself, but that wasn't happening. Daisy ripped her hands from the dried soil and threw the dirt she's gathered down, slamming the side of her balled fist on it. Her hands moved quickly to her hair, pulling it, and the tears in her eyes began to flow. Luna inched closer, as close as she could, wishing at that moment that they could merge. That they could be one, and exist together.
Luna grabbed Daisy's hands, now shuffling to the front of the shattered girl, lacing their fingers together. Daisy looked up, and felt the heat against the bottoms of her bare feet; the fire engulfed the last bit of space behind Luna. In that moment, Daisy agreed unconsciously. She wanted to merge; maybe then she could protect Luna. Luna, now the only person she had left.
Luna, the one who's nose was suddenly against her's. She gazed deeply in to her best friend's eyes, foreheads and noses fitting perfectly together, like they were the missing puzzle pieces. They both cried, and the white light they first assumed to be the fire's enveloped them. Everything was white; an abyss of pure light and bliss. Each thought they were dead, a painless way to go, and so they closed their eyes. The energy surrounding them used all of it's force to rip them apart, as if they were made of Velcro, but their bond was stronger than it.
Hours passed by in merely seconds. The light changed to a pitch black void around them, and they both opened their instinctively closed eyes, blinking to get rid of the balls of light invading their vision. Once they faded, the void turned out to be the real world; it'd become night time, and the singed soil was covered in ashes as dark as a black hole. They dropped their hands to their own sides, suddenly feeling a wave of loss and weakness. They seemed to have already pulled their faces away, but the more interesting part was how they'd survived.
Surrounding them was a ring. It protected both of them perfectly, fitting them inside as if that was it's only purpose. On the outside were the blackened ashes, but on the inside, Daisy managed to pick a white tulip, one without even a trace of ash or gunpowder. Even blades of grass once close enough to touch had been separated by the ring.
I tried to write something with only one thing in mind; a city on fire. Completely unfinished, because I kind of fell out of the 'creative zone', but I like it!!

He walked through the hallways like each and every tile knew his name
He smiled with every hushed whisper of his arrival
They all saw the confidence in his stride, the power in his eyes
But they didn't see his reflection in that man's pearly teeth
They didn't see the alley man's flesh beneath his fingernails
They didn't jump with every sudden approach
Or wince every time he smells old beer on someone's breath
They didn't see that
Because they said he could've fought back.

because "boys get r*ped too" should be it's own sentence
hello! i use these kind of things a lot, so i figured i'd make one. it has 100ish questions (i might not have counted properly; pretty bad w numbers) and i feel its pretty good and in depth.
all the parts in brackets () are just little notes explaining the question, but you could probably have figured that out on your own. theyre there for you to read then delete.
all i ask is that, if you share this or use this, just maybe link back or smth, but its the internet, so i cant really control you.
one last thing! a tip: if you want some generators for your characters quirks, flaws, personality, and even appearance and name, good sites are springhole  and seventhsanctum 
okay, to the template!


their name:
all nicknames:
age they are:
age they look:
born when:
born where:
zodiac sign:
education level: (did they graduate, or did they not go at all?)




basic description:
courteous: (would they hold open a door for someone?)
self-control: (can they their control impulses and temptations?)
altruistic: (are they selfish or not?)
sexual: (are they asexual or highly sexual?)
logical: (do they think with logic or emotions?)
social: (are they an introvert, extrovert, or ambivert?)
emotional: (are they emotionally stable or not?)
pet peeves:
flaws: (don't give too many, but at least try a few)
speech: (do they speak formally? are they loud? quiet? rude?)


hair color:
hair style:
face shape:
skin color:
skin details: (freckles, birthmarks, moles)
eye shape:
eye color:
nose shape:
mouth shape:
ear shape:
body type:
breast size:
clothing style:
favorite accessory:

*mental & physical

mental illnesses: (please do some research)
chronic illnesses:
terminal illnesses:
eating disorders: (boys can have them too)
other disorders:
phobias: (mega fears)
manias: (obsessions)


sexuality: (there's more than straight, gay, lesbian, and bisexual)
partner(s): (polyamory exists, too)
best friend(s):
step parent(s):
paternal grandmother:
paternal grandfather:
maternal grandmother:
maternal grandfather:


important additional notes:


early childhood:
entire backstory:

thank you if you use this!



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